The Great Wall of China Trek

Always trying to think of new ways that we can raise money for the kids, Ian came up with the idea of Trekking the Great Wall of China in April 07. This is a fairly arduous walk and covers 11 days and 10 nights – so along with fellow Antics Trustee Hannah La Costa and friend Kathy Whitham set about raising sponsorship which was in conjunction with Discovery Adventure. They certainly did and have not only raised a huge amount of money (still counting it) but have over a 1000 photos to prove it!! A full report is to follow but to give you a sneak peak - here are some of the pictures they took... for larger images, please see our Gallery page


China7ChinaApricot Blossom

You can meet the walkers at the Antics Ball, where Hannah and Kathy will be in traditional Chinese dresses.  Ian is planning another walk and will have further details will be posted soon – so if your feet are itching for an adventure …be sure to get in touch with him.



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